Friday, January 27, 2017

A Well Heeled Pack of She-Wolves

Look, Kids! We really were here!
Saturday, January 21, 2017

I've never participated in a march before, but I thought this one just might be big. Historical big. People had their votes, something I always took for granted, weighted inequitably. We had a man in office who made an open assault on women, people of color, disabilities, alternative lifestyles... And I had to be there to document it. It would mean stepping outside my comfort zone, so I asked my husband if he would join me. His answer was a definite, "yes."

And so we left... at 5AM for a two hour drive to D.C. No traffic. None of the anticipated hoopla. I've seen heavier traffic during any rush-hour in D.C. But by the time we hit the Sheetz at Gainesville, things began to perk up a little. Two other cars had stopped for coffee and potty breaks. The passengers were all women. Then at the Vienna Metro Station, things got really interesting. A line of traffic funneled into the one ground lot. Full. Then we funneled over to the parking garage. (Tons of spots at 7:15 in the morning.) But the pink hats were definitely here!

Metro car at the first stop - when I could actually
reach my camera to snap a photo.
We sadly forgot one of our day-pass metro tickets at home, so that meant standing in line at a kiosk. That only took about 15-30 minutes.  (Folks who arrived later stood in line for 90+ minutes.) And by moving to the last car, we were able to snag a couple of seats. There were plenty. But at the first stop, things REALLY began to get interesting. By the third stop, we both had people standing between our legs!

"Excuse me. Pardon me. So sorry...". That was the mantra on the metro. Well, up until somone started pounding the roof of the car accompanied by the chant, "Dump Trump. Dump Trump. Dump Trump." Still, everyone was jovial, excited, and above all, incredibly polite.

Our car was at capacity and stopped taking on any new passengers after the third stop. This was the view at L'Enfant Plaza Station when we disembarked.
Shuffling along with the crowd that extends as far as I can see.

That quickly changed as we billowed out into the street.
The crowd coming out of the station.

This picture was taken 3 blocks away from the main stage, which was as close as we could get. Five hours later, we would shuffle 10ft. further to enter the Air and Space Museum . It took 45 minutes to get in the door. The whole way, we were entreated with apologies for bumping, brushing, accidental boob graze. A half-million well-heeled she-wolves who were there to protest an assault on their rights... and their children's rights. Don't mess with our kids.
And things quickly changed!